A Journey through Pop Culture

Launched in 2021, DeltaRocket is an audiovisual production company shaped by and for pop culture and its impact on our societies. Eager to make ambitious films, we are keen to forge sincere and privileged ties with creators around the world : these well-known artists or actors in the shadows who make the cinema, comic strip, manga or musical culture of yesterday and tomorrow.

Based in Lyon and through our collaborators based in Japan or the United States, we create a real bridge between cultures to meet the specific needs of our documentaries and our broadcasters. Through the passion that drives us, we have as a profession of faith to enrich our knowledge of pop culture every day and give every chance to a project to achieve the best possible result.

One Piece - En route vers l'épisode 1000

In November 2021, our first film on the famous One Piece manga was released. We are very proud to be the first production company to have made an original program for ADN.
Doubly proud, since this film is also the first official documentary on one of the biggest manga and animation licenses in the world. It is thanks to our privileged relationships with major Japanese publishing houses, chains and studios that we can create an unprecedented partnership for our current or future film projects.

Barely launched, the DeltaRocket spaceship already has current or future productions to its credit with the animation platforms ADN and Crunchyroll, France Télévision or even Paris Première.
We have also had the opportunity to support films as executive producers, whether documentaries or institutional films, from shooting to editing, including motion design and color grading.
In our own creations or for commissioned films, DeltaRocket is always committed to offering an innovative and modern vision.


BONES 25 - Dreaming Forward

"BONES 25: Dreaming Forward

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Bones studio, this never-before-seen four-part documentary series explores the creation of the famous animation studio and its most legendary series, alongside prestigious guests such as Masahiko Minami, Shin'ichiro Watanabe, One and Kafka Asagiri.

From their first production, Cowboy Bebop the movie, to the new Metallic Rouge project, via My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist and Mob Psycho 100, we tell the story of this exceptional studio of original creations and successful adaptations.

Exclusively on Crunchyroll

Generation Barracuda

In five seasons, from 1983 to 1987, the series The A-Team was a phenomenal success, condensing most of the ingredients of pop culture. One of its protagonists in particular is still considered one of the iconic stars of the era: Mr T, who plays the role of Barracuda in the series. His muscles, haircut, necklaces and blue overalls have made him a veritable icon, and even a trademark.

Indiana Jones - chasing an icon

A whip cracking, a Stetson on his head, a phlegm and an inimitable wry smile, all served up by an anthem you recognize from the very first notes. You'll recognize pop culture's most famous adventurer.
This documentary about the saga and the release of the fifth installment was an opportunity for us to follow in Indy's footsteps. From the corridors of the Musée du Cinéma in Lyon to the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, where we met Harrison Ford in the flesh, among other stars. An adventure recounted by dubbing legend Richard Darbois.

We Love Series: 30 years that changed everything

A special program recorded in the Palais des Festivals during Cannes Series to celebrate 30 years of the SÉRIE CLUB channel.
From Twin Peaks and X-Files to today's blockbusters, let's retrace 30 years of TV series
TV series that have transcended the limits of the small screen to become the social phenomenon that today often outstrips the cinema. An exceptional evening in partnership with the Cannes Série festival, presented by Nico Prat and his specialist TV series columnists.

One Piece, a journey to Episode 1000

"On the Road to Episode 1000" retraces the formidable journey of the One Piece saga and its legendary creator Eiichiro Oda. Follow his rise from aspiring designer to the rank of King of Mangakas. Go behind the scenes of the release of the manga in the pages of Shonen Jump and its anime series adaptation by TOEI Animation. Through the eyes of the goldsmith creators of the saga and the voices of Luffy, Nami and Usopp, you will join the Straw Hat crew on their way to Episode 1000!

Directed by Jace

40 min format for ADN

Naruto 20th - Konaha Secrets

In recent years, a surprising phenomenon has won the hexagon: manga and Japanese animation reign supreme among the libraries and on the screens of an entire generation. If for some it seems to happen out of nowhere, others know that it is a brave little ninja who is at the origin of this new development: Naruto. This documentary series looks back on the creation and success of a series that marked its time and left a great imprint on current pop culture.

Directed by Jace

9x10 min format for ADN